I have already made a small Q# program and ran it using Python on VSCode, my question is how can I run it on Azure Quantum to make it run faster?

  • Q# program :

    namespace QubitTest {
    open Microsoft.Quantum.Convert;
    open Microsoft.Quantum.Math;
    open Microsoft.Quantum.Measurement;
    open Microsoft.Quantum.Canon;
    open Microsoft.Quantum.Intrinsic;
    operation QChange() : Int {
    // on retourne un qubit   
     using ( q = Qubit()) {
     for (i in 1..500000){
         Message($" Qubit {i} : {q}");
     return 0;
  • Python Simulation :

     import qsharp
     from QubitTest import QChange 

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Azure Quantum is in private preview right now. You can sign up to request early access here.


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