I want to execute multiple circuits in one round on IBM's backends, especially the 16-qubit one, to save time. For instance, execute([grover_1, grover_2, grover_3], backend).

However, I found result given by that quantum processor contain only one overall time like this:

{'backend_version': '2.1.0', 'backend_name': 'ibmq_16_melbourne', 'results': [{'header': ..., 'success': True, 'shots': 1024, 'meas_level': 2, 'data': {'counts': {}}, 'memory': False}],}, {'header': ..., 'success': True, 'shots': 1024, 'meas_level': 2, 'data': {'counts': {}}, 'memory': False}], 'qobj_id': ..., 'status': 'Successful completion', 'date': '...', 'header': {'backend_version': '2.1.0', 'backend_name': 'ibmq_16_melbourne'}, 'success': True, 'job_id': '...', 'execution_id': '...', 'time_taken': 7.73473865282683}

while simulators can provide time counted for each circuit in the result of one instance like:

{'date': '...', 'results': [{'shots': 1024, 'header': ..., 'data': {}, 'success': True, 'status': 'DONE', 'time_taken': 0.00136636000000000003, ...}, {'shots': 1024, 'header': ..., 'data': {}, 'success': True, 'status': 'DONE', 'time_taken': 0.00263673800000000008, ...}], 'header': {'backend_version': '0.1.547', 'backend_name': 'ibmq_qasm_simulator'}, 'backend_version': '0.4.1', 'job_id': '...', 'success': True, 'status': 'COMPLETED', 'qobj_id': '...', 'backend_name': 'ibmq_qasm_simulator', 'time_taken': 0.00438376, 'metadata': {..., 'time_taken': 0.00438376}}.

So anyone knows why and how to deal with the issue of counting time for each circuit executed on quantum processors without iteration which takes too much waiting time?

Or alternatively, how to make circuits executed in distinct instances queued sequentially, instead of queueing one after finishing the previous one, if I can only do something like:

for n in range(1,10):
    start = time.time()
    end = time.time()

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