I am importing from qiskit.circuit.library import MCMTVChain on python IDLE editor but it showing error ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'qiskit.circuit.library' although it's working fine on google colab. Also why Qiskit does not work properly on python IDLE it's show lots of other error not just this one?


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You most probably haven't installed the qiskit module. Qiskit can be installed via :

pip install qiskit

Try the following commands in command prompt, one of them should work (if your PATH variables are appropriately set):

py -m pip install qiskit


python -m pip install qiskit

Or if you have more than one python versions, you can try:

py -'version number like 3.7' pip install qiskit

without the quotes.

This should install the qiskit module and then you can import it.


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